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Cornflakes goes by many names. In St. Kitts and the US he is known as "Gillie",  tracing back to his days playing football (West Indian style, that's soccer in USA) and cricket in St. Kitts. Everyone in Anguilla knows "Cornflakes" by his songs, wit and humor. He also goes by the name "Tea Bags" (from his brief visit to Antigua? We do not know...).





His love for his two beautiful daughters inspired the song "Eyes of a Child"  and in their smiles and songs he sees the promise for the future. 





Gillie was born in the Caribbean on Lambert's estate, Middle Island, St. Kitts and at age nineteen  moved to his parents' Island home of Anguilla. He learned calypso and soca music and he became a Calypso King in Anguilla, winning the Carnival calypso competition. He emceed many acts who were touring the Caribbean, including Third World. 



 His first album was recorded in Jamaica in 1989 with Neville Hinds of Byron Lee. His album "Livingstone" was recorded in 1992 in the U.S., followed by his band Reggae Vision's first CD, "Reggae Believer" in 1996. 



  Can you dig it ?


Gillie's love of the land, deep roots in the mountains and fields of St. Kitts and soul connection to the land, pure beaches and and crystal seas of Anguilla are transformed into his music, rhythm and voice.  His musical influences come not only from the Reggae greats like Bob Marley  and Peter Tosh but also from the more traditional calypsonians. 



Gillie says "Life is a Gift. Enjoy!"

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