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Picture of johno's beach bar

Johno's Beach Bar
Cornflakes spent a lot of time here listening
to live bands like Dumper, Sproker and Mitch. 

Kids fishing
Kids playing in the water

Should I jump?
Young men enjoying the good life.

 I used to like jumping off piers. 

Kids enjoy a day at the beach in sandy ground
is it the sea ? is it a lake? So calm!
A house in Anguilla
Another pretty house

Anguilla has some class from way back.
This house is 1 million years old .
The builder is still alive.

Caribbean house built in the 10 BC. (Before Cornflakes) Ships in Sandy Ground Bay
The Bay

Ships in the Harbor

Over looking Sandy Ground from south Hill.
My favorite spot to hang out. Every day it was a must.

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