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Reggae Vision sevres up meaningful Roots Reggae, powerful dub and smooth caribbean tunes. Our song "Do De Move" was recently used for a clothing softener ad in Europe. Our tunes are available on line at itunes, msn music, buy.com, napster and many other on line stores. .

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wasted years our latest cd can be heard on garageband.com. this cd features the tunes "sail away", "are you ready" and "i got a lot of love". "world is a battle field" and "walk a mile" can be downloaded. this cd is available to purchase at cdbaby.com these tunes can also be down loaded at emusic, apple i tunes, buy music, rhapsody, musicmatch and napster.

Cornflakes, also known as "Gillie", is the creative force behind Reggae Vision. His roots are in St. Kitts and Anguilla where he learned reggae, calypso and soca music. Gillie brings a wide range of musical talents to Reggae Vision including songwriter, composer, arranger, guitarist and singer. He has performed in the Caribbean and the US.

Reggae Believer

Reggae Believer is our 1996 CD. You will want to dance to these original tunes. People tell us that their kids love these songs too! You can down load some of these Caribbean and roots reggae tunes at emusic, apple i tunes, buy music, rhapsody, musicmatch and napster.This CD includes the song "Do De Move".

Buy Reggae Believer at CD Baby.

Buy Wasted Years and Reggae Believer at CD Baby , a great place to find CDs from independent musicians like Reggae Vision.

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